CDFI Memphis is certified by: 

​-Education (housing, lending, financial literacy)
-Technical Assistance/Managerial Training
​-Traditional banking


What is a CDFI?
CDFIs are mission-driven financial institutions that provide financial products and services to people and communities underserved by traditional financial institutions.

Who is the 'underserved?'

Underserved communities and individuals are those who do not have access to financial products and services from either traditional banking centers or CDFIs

Why are CDFIs important?
CDFIs fill a vital niche in the nation's financial services delivery system, offering loan products and financial services to families or in communities that are difficult for traditional financial institutions to serve. These institutions provide a swath of services intended to support the development of quality affordable housing, finance businesses and finance community facilities (health centers, daycare, educational facilities).
What kind of financial products and services are offered by CDFIs?
-Consumer loans (auto, personal)
-Mortgage loans and down payment assistance
-Commercial Loans (construction, business, etc)